"Soul Search" The Story Behind My Work

"Soul Search" is a painting I did back in 2018 before I had decided to make a career change and pursue becoming a full time artist.  I was busy raising my children and also working with my decorative faux business.  But I missed so dearly the quiet blocks of time where I could sit alone in a room and immerse myself into my art. 

I had a drawer full of old oil paints that needed to be used up, and despite the fact that I felt quite rusty I tried only to focus on the enjoyment.  It seems as though when I can relax enough to be fully present without expectations and paint for the pure joy, the result is much less doctored and more loose and free. 

To my surprise, I loved how the painting turned out.  An open pathway where land and sky come together with no obstruction.  Bliss. 

Thank you all for your support and comments!  It truly helps me wake up everyday and strive to continue on this path I have chosen!