It's Finally Here

Being your own entrepreneur presents many challenges.  While its nice to be my own boss, it also means that when I take risks I suffer the consequences when I have setbacks.  While I have been working hard for a year to have a self-fulfilling online shop, I have also had a accelerated crash course in online marketing.  All of these things are very foreign to an artist who is just good with a brush!  I am game for the challenge, but my drive for perfection and quality only pushes me even harder to make sure that what my clients buy is of the utmost standard.  So I had to take the plunge and finally get my very own professional camera to be able to photograph my paintings for prints.  Yes!  This is very exciting to me, I suppose that's my "artsy" side!  I have already uploaded a few paintings that have been waiting in line for months to be available. 

While I have yet another hurdle to learn an entirely new program for editing and all the in's and out's of my new camera (I'm used to the old school film DSLR's) I am one step closer to checking off my first to do of 2021!  

Happy New Year to you and I'm sure this goes without saying, seriously this year has got to be better then the last!